Quality Policy Principles
Novin Leather

Quality Policy Principles

The Novin Leather retail stores, as the leader of the leather industry and one of the pioneer retailer stores of leather goods is representing the principles of its policy for the performing of ISO9001 as below:
1. Believe on the customer-oriented principles and counting the customers as "the king".Novin leather is providing these important principles by providing high qualified and different products with proper prices and perfect after sales services.
2. Believe on human resource as the main capital of the company and try to keep the value of this resource by using the perfect principles of human resource development
3. Strengthen the organization as a reliable company and does the continuous efforts to reach to the global market.
4. Do the Research and development activities by the goal of innovation and offering new products, perfect services and reduce the operation costs.
5. Determination of continuous improvement through the establishment of comprehensive total quality management by benchmarking of EFQM models.
6. Design and produce goods in compliance with international standards which are indicative of rich culture of Iran.
7. Understanding and promoting the objectives and quality policy principles and development of all employees at all levels of organization and committed to its implementation.
8. Balanced attention to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.
9. The company management by creating a dynamic work environment, in order to maintain the spirit of excellence by colleagues, commits to consider all the above objectives and principles.
In order to achieve objectives by the employees, all their strategies and activities will be under the control.


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