B2B Offers
Novin Leather

B2B offers

Novin leather for providence of the needs of organizations and companies, for the convenience, speed and satisfaction of their employees is offering the following procedures and is ready to get the suggestions of the applicant for the further the contracts.

B2B methods

    • Novin Leather Purchase Drafts

Novin Leather Purchase Draft is paper based and offered by the requested prices which is asked by the customers and they can purchase any products at all the branches of Novin Leather. The names of the customers can be mentioned on the drafts or it can be anonymous and also it can be dated by the agreed of the customers.

    • Possibility of goods order based on the needs of the organizations

In this procedure the customers will choose his desired goods according to his needs (different gifts, special managers' orders, personnel, special customers) and Novin Leather will be able to supply these orders by the best and qualitative natural leather.

    • For easy and convenience availability, Novin leather is ready to hold the temporary exhibitions with its all products at the place of the organizations.
    • Novin Leather is ready to have cooperation in supplying of bags, shoes and belts with the branded retail sellers and suppliers.
    • Accepting seminars orders

Novin Leather is ready to provide different gifts, sets, bags for the seminars and conferences with the highest quality and proper prices.

  • Cooperation with the advertising companies

Novin Leather is attracting the advertising companies for its market development and distributing its products around the country. The purpose of Novin Leather is providing services to the companies and organizations which are located in other cities.

The complementary benefits of B2B purchases:

  • The organization logo will be freely engraved on the requested products which are purchased by the organization
  • You can send your purchased products to anywhere around the country
  • Guarantee cards will be given to the purchased products
  • Special packaging for the specific gifts



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