Novin Leather Club
Novin Leather

Novin Leather Club

Novin Leather Club is inviting you dears to its big family by providing intimate, dynamic and modern environment. You can get the benefits of our club membership features as mentioned below:

  • Be informed about the novin leather auction dates before others
  • Receiving V.I.P cards and gets the benefits of its special facilities
  • Offering gift cards to club members
  • Providing special goods with specific and different discounts to others
  • Participating at monthly lottery and having their prizes
  • Receiving seasonal catalogs and Novin Leather newspapers
  • Do the survey and brain storming among club members
  • Inviting the club members for participating at festivals, fashion shows, and Novin Leather celebrations by the lottery
  • You can enjoy the welfare facilities of novin leather

  • کارت مشترکین طلایی نوین چرم
  • کارت مشترکین نقره ای نوین چرم
  • کارت مشترکین نوین


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