After Sales Services
Novin Leather

After Sales Services

Goods Exchange: It is possible maximum of 48 hrs after the purchase; if it has not being used and presenting of barcode sticker and invoice are requisite.

Guarantee Rules
• The leather of all products is guaranteed for 2 years.
• All garments, official briefcase, bags and shoes are guaranteed
• The period of guarantee for different parts are as follows:
1. Bags fittings are guaranteed for 6 months after the purchase
2. All kinds of shoes (sandals, boots, etc) are guaranteed for 6 months after the purchase.

Wax and polish: waxing and polishing of all Novin Leather goods is not necessary for the period of 2 years after the purchase. This process will be done by the charge of money only.

After Sales: after garantee period, all products are repaired by the charge of money. The maximum period of repairing services will be 2 working weeks.

Laundry: In the case of goods are in need of washing, it will be highly recommended to contact Novin Leather head office, after sales department.

Special Services
• Delivery of your purchased products to any place around the country
• Imprinting the logo or name of the person you consider is possible on the purchased products
• Single Orders of embroidered clothing with different colors are possible

Items that are not covered under guarantee
• Cleaning products by the customer
• Dealing with chemicals
• Wax and polish of products with substances other than chemicals by the customers approved by the Novin Leather
• Improper use of all goods according to our expert's judgment is not guaranteed.

Dear Customers
• Take enough care in using the Velour, Suede and Nubuk products as due to the nature of dyestuff, the color may change after dry washed.
• Any after sales services must be done at Novin Leather branches

Leather care and maintenance
• You can clean off the fat spot or dirtiness from the leather by using wet sponge and baby shampoo and then you better dry off the leather by clean cotton.
• For cleaning the spot or the color from the leather, you must not use any chemical solvent
• Washing of the leather, chamois leather, suede is strictly  prohibited by using the washing machine
• The leather is not waterproof at all. In case of keeping the nature of the leather as it is, they never use lots of chemicals in finishing process. So, most of the leather products may change their nature under heavy raining and snowing.
• If your leather garments become wet, hang it on a proper wardrobe and let it to be dry by the room temper, avoid the direct sun light. In case of dryness of the garment, put it into the plastic cover and massage the cover for about 15 minutes. Its dryness will be gone by this process to some extent. After sometimes by wearing the garments, it will be same as its first day.
• For health matter, the solvent of the colors of leather products is water. So, the colors of the leather products will not be resistant against heavy sweating and excessive wear, especially in the armpit and neck areas.



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